Know your city

How well do you know the city you live in? And what's the history of that place? Do you know what happened here and which fun/sad/amazing stories can be told about its history?
If you want to discover the answers to these questions, then join 'Know Your City'. This is the number one project that guides you through the history of your city!


In this project we let you discover the city or village you live in. You will learn about its rich history and heritage.

First we take you on a tour through the city, then we train you to become a cityguide yourself!


Did you ever notice that the neighbourhood where you live has a lot of historical places? Did you ever wonder what its history is?

In this project you will research the history of your own neighbourhood?

Artworks and historical objects in museums tell the story of our past.

In this project you will discover the history of museum-objects in your city. Then you'll start working with the collection creatively yourself!


Join us!

Would you like to participate? Or do you prefer receiving some information first?

Please contact us via or 06-25036123.

For teachers

We are happy to tell you more about the project during a personal talk.

Please contact us via or 06-25036123.

"I think the project has great potential, as there is a huge lack of connection between our community and the city. The students at United World College come from all parts of the world and wish to share their cultural heritage and history from their own countries to their peers, however are limited in what they will get to know about Maastricht and its historical and cultural heritage as they are secluded on an island in the outskirts of the city. Therefore, the project with the LGOG gives us the opportunity to get to know a new part of Maastricht and also the history behind it, which allows for the youth within the project to inform the rest of the community about it and engage them with the city. Personally this project means a lot to me as I finally feel connected to the city I live in, which I did not before even though I lived here for nearly a year."

Martyna Burylo – United World College Maastricht



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